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Gas Lines

Follow the tips and hints related to installing, repairing or replacing indoor and outdoor gas piping and gas fireplaces.

If you suspect a gas leak in or around your home, be aware of these signs:  A “rotten egg” odor; A blowing or hissing sound; Dead or discolored vegetation near a gas line; Flames (if ignited); Dirt or dust blowing from a hole in the ground; Bubbling in wet areas. Call My Favorite Plumber immediately if you detect a leak.

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas that is odorless and nearly impossible to detect by human senses. It is vital to have Carbon Monoxide detectors installed with charged batteries at all times.

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Time for a redo? If you're undertaking a major bathroom remodel, call My Favorite Plumber to make sure water lines and fixtures are installed correctly.

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